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CrediClear Financial Group offers the most competitively priced professional credit score services in the market today to get your credit score, your unsecured revolving debt, and your life, back on track! Credit Repair is taking a big step forward in improving your financial future. So, choosing the RIGHT credit repair company to offer credit repair services becomes a large part of the equation for great results. With thousands of companies out there, it can become an overwhelming task to find the one that will be the best for you, the customer. Scroll down on this page for current pricing on the best, most affordable credit restoration deal today! Our affordable programs offer flat fees, never any per item charges or endless automatic bank drafts on our credit score services!  Derogatory credit history no longer has to hold you back! We want you to tell your friends about your great experience with CrediClear Financial Group, the service that personal referrals built. CCFG's proven results over the years have led our clients to refer their friends to our experienced professionals when bad credit ratings are bringing down their quality of life. Whatever your income bracket, credit scores matter to you, and making your score higher matters to us. And isn't that what you really want? Don't you deserve another chance?

We never have done auto bank drafts or charges on our credit repair programs, and never will. If you are currently with another organization that requires automatic bank drafts, ask yourself why, and come on over to CCFG! If you are paying them monthly whether they perform or not, why should they hurry?

The lending mess is easing, but it will be a long time before is as easy has it has been in the the recent past. Loans and mortgages are still being made, and smart people these days have decided to clear their credit history to meet the new higher score requirements, and take advantage of the great pricing out there on everything from cars to homes. The lowest interest rates are offered to individuals with higher credit scores, those lower rates mean lower payments for you every month! Higher Credit Scores from CCFG are more important today than ever! At Some Point in Everyone's Life, They Wish That Their Past Mistakes Could Be Erased, Removed, or Deleted, so they could truly have a Fresh Start.  When that time arrives for you, remember CCFG, and what we have done for others in a similar situation. We want to add you to our list of satisfied clients all across the country.

Now also offering debt dettlement and negotiation, tax lien and unpaid tax mediation, and mortgage loan modification programs with free history restoration! The best of both worlds! With these programs, you can get your unsecured debts or bills negotiated and creditors paid off, your mortgage terms changed to make them more favorable to you, or let you stay in your home, and your history cleared!  Pay your debts, negotiate your taxes, save your home from foreclosure, and raise your credit score: The Perfect Debt Solution, brought to you by CrediClear Financial Group! CCFG is forging  a new path in credit services!
We constantly update this website as we try to educate our clients, both current and future on the world of Finance, Credit Repair, Debt Settlement and Consolidation. There is so much to know about collections, wage garnishments, tax liens, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and all of the other nasty things that can happen to a credit file, and CCFG wants you to know! If you have filed bankruptcy, whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and it turned out a bit more messy than your attorney told you it should be, check out the bankruptcy page to see what many lawyers forget. CCFG is different! We offer advice and consultation, you will not find another firm that is as up-front about everything we do! We take a personal approach, not a scripted sales pitch.

No organization tells you more about the world of credit and finance than CCFG! Whether you call it a personal score, beacon score, mid score, merge score, or just a score, it refers to a Credit Score. The navigation buttons on the left link to over 25 pages of specific information on each of the topics listed. No matter the cause of your low credit scores, CrediClear Financial has seen it before, and probably fixed it for someone else! At the bottom of this page, and scattered throughout, you will find a site search box, and you can type in your topic, and find every listing for that phrase on our site. Bookmark our site, (control+d on your keyboard) there is a lot to learn here, and you will want to come back for more education.

CCFG's Services:
  • Credit Report Repair and Restoration, History Cleanup
  • Financial Analysis, Advice, and Consultation

So you think that what we do with a credit report cannot be done? Think Again! Click here to see actual pages from the various credit bureaus sent to our clients showing all sorts of negative information deleted from their credit files. You can also see the results on YouTube, Credit Repair Video One, or Two Use the HD option for better viewing. It is a random sampling of derogatory items removed from credit files, but you will find something there that you can relate to. Every negative item deleted means an increase in that credit score.

Many consumers don't realize that a credit enhancement or tune up are totally legal processes involving the removal of the negative items from a credit file, raising the score. While the details of credit scoring are a well guarded secret, it works much like this: a perfect score is about 850, from that they deduct points for every bad item in your report, and add back in points for each good trade line in your report. As the items age, they have a lower point value. Scores are based on history, a reflection of what you have done in the past. Many people think that simply adding new trade lines can raise a credit score.. but it takes two good new tradelines to offset one negative item, then they have to age for the score to rebound. If you want to raise your score, the negative items must be deleted or removed from your reports.The real secret of credit repair is that it is a matter of doing the right things in the right way at the right time to get the result we want, higher credit scores for our clients!

You will not find another nationwide firm that offers what CCFG does:
If you are here, you undoubtedly have some challenges impacting your FICO rating, BankruptForeclosure, Divorce, Tax Liens, Slow/Late Payments, the Dreaded ARM or Adjustable rate mortgage, inaccurate Identity Theft, ID issues, Tax Lien Issues, Judgments, repossession, or Collections. You may have even been a victim of some debt settlement company that forgot to tell you that your credit score would be a wreck when they got finished, causing more problems than solutions. We can fix that.

Drowning in debt, and want to get the credit card companies and collection agencies off your phone, and out of your life? CCFG offers a program that offers debt settlement, reduction, consolidation, and negotiation and free credit reconstruction and rehabilitation programs! A combination that cannot be beat! Check out the Debt Settlement Repayment Page for more information! Use the laws to your advantage while settling your debts! If you are currently enrolled in another program, whether debt negotiation or repairing your history, and not getting the results you expected, come on over. We'll figure out where you are now, and work out a plan to get you where you need to be.

To see just how bad your credit really is, get your really free credit report from Annual Credit Report. Don't print your reports, they can be huge, especially Equifax. The other Consumer Reporting Agencies, TransUnion and Experian aren't too bad, but we advise just saving the report to your computer, you always have it, and you can see just how much your reports improve as CCFG progresses in your credit score repair project.

Everyone has some sort of score challenge. We have probably seen worse, but to you it's a disaster. You can't finance what you need, and don't really know why. Here you will learn what the lenders look for, and what it takes to get you there.

The Benefits of Higher Credit Scores:

  • Lower Interest Rates Mean Lower Payments on every loan!
  •  Approval instead of being turned down for those new purchases!
  • Insurance of all types costs less if you have higher credit scores!
  •  Small Business owners know just how much personal credit helps those business loans, personal guarantees are quite common these days.
  • Since many Employers look at Credit Reports (usually an indirect inquiry like ChoicePoint), your Credit History may be holding you back on the job, as well. A little Credit Score Enhancement  or tune up may help in the job search or promotion.
  • Having a higher Credit Score and a Clean History benefits your future. We offer a few tips on how to raise and improve your credit score, on the maximize your score page.
If you are a finance or mortgage professional, check out our free printable handout for your credit turn downs, way more of an informational item than a sales pitch feel free to use it as you need it!

Military! Whatever your branch of Service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, or National Guard.. your credit history can really hold you back on promotions as well as new careers after the military. Don't let that happen! CCFG's assistance can make a difference!

There is a compilation of a lifetime of knowledge, and thousands of credit and financial situations on this site, all compiled into an online credit education for your information and use. CrediClear Financial Group is consulted in many situations, from people in many walks of life, on a daily basis, and we have tried to put it all on the web for all to learn. We have found out what our clients want most as we grew into a nationwide credit repair and restoration service.

Think your friends or clients would like to learn a few things about fixing Credit and Debt? Feel Free to Link to us! You can also find CCFG on MySpace, Facebook (ccfg finance), and Twitter (crediclear financial)

Whether your next purchase is a boat, car, RV, Home, Mortgage refinance, or you just want to get your credit scores back where they should be, CCFG can help! If your score just needs a bit of a tune up, contact CrediClear Financial for our score enhancement services!

Some people are looking for do it yourself credit services, CCFG has a program for you! Our credit repair self help program! You do data entry. You keep your DOB and SSN private. CCFG tells you what to do, and when for the best results. Check it out today at .

If you have any questions about your particular situation, give one of our analysts a call , our consultants will be happy to talk with you!  Or, send us an email from the link below...we'll be happy to answer questions specific to your case .. no obligation, no scripts on our end, Just real answers to real questions.

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CCFG Financial Services Credit Repair report Raise Score Restoration Enhancement Debt Settlement Negotiation Consolidation negative items deleted mortgage loan modification

CCFG Credit Repair report Raise Score Restoration Enhancement Debt Settlement Negotiation Consolidation Cleanup

CCFG Services Report Raise Score Restoration Enhancement Debt Settlement Negotiation Consolidation Loan Mod

Credit Scores are no more than grades of the way you have paid back
reported loans in the past. Here are the rankings:

720 to 850 Excellent, Tier One 1, or A
650 to 719 Good, Tier Two 2, or B
620 to 649 Fair, Tier Three 3, or C
550 to 619 Poor, Tier Four 4, or D
350 to 549 Very Poor, Tier Five 5 or E
 When the bad marks from your past are eliminated, your credit rating raises to a higher tier, where lenders offer you better rates on every loan you get! You save money every month with lower interest rates!

  CCFG Credit Repair Clients have been from:
Alabama AL Missouri MO
Alaska AK Montana MT
Arizona AZ Nebraska NE
Arkansas AR Nevada NV
California CA New Hampshire NH
Colorado CO New Jersey NJ
Connecticut CT New Mexico NM
Delaware DE New York NY
District of Columbia DC North Carolina NC
Florida FL North Dakota ND
Georgia GA Ohio OH
Hawaii HI Oklahoma OK
Idaho ID Oregon OR
Illinois IL Pennsylvania PA
Indiana IN Rhode Island RI
Iowa IA South Carolina SC
Kansas KS South Dakota SD
Kentucky KY Tennessee TN
Louisiana LA Texas TX
Maine ME Utah UT
Maryland MD Vermont VT
Massachusetts MA Virginia VA
Michigan MI Washington WA
Minnesota MN West Virginia WV
Mississippi MS Wisconsin WI
Wyoming WY
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Our Privacy Policy:

We do not share any of your personal information with any outside source. CCFG Credit Repair will not sell your name, address, phone number, or email address to anyone for any reason. And we won't call you or send you an email every week to entice you to join up.

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Our Commitment

At CrediClear Financial Group, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee realistic, honest advice that achieves results. We will lead you on a course to financial freedom. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your trust is earned, and that you will tell your friends about us, everyone needs a bit of help now and then.

We value your trust, and look forward to working with you in the future. Since 1999, CCFG has built a business based on trust earned by doing business the old fashioned way.

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